The bathroom is our private place, it’s not only a place to have a shower but also a getaway from the stress of daily life.

I’m a bath person! I like taking a shower, but I love relaxing in a bathtub more! There is no better way for me to unwind from a stressful day than to lay in a hot water, read a good book and munch some fresh fruit. Add some candles and relaxing music and I’m in paradise. 

While not all people love soaking, bathtubs come in handy sometimes. Think of playing or bathing your kids – not all kids like to have a shower, but adding some toys to the bathtub, they will hope in more likely. What about a romantic bath with your significant other? Choosing a suitable soaker bathtub for your bathroom is a wise choice. This will most likely be the largest piece of furniture you have so it should stand out. But more importantly, it can put the exclamation point in your bathrooms statement whether is “Fabulous!”, “Sleek!”, “Zen!” and much more.

The Renovation Continues: How to Pick the Perfect Soaker tub

So, will you be finally getting one of those fancy bathtubs?

When you’re at that point in your life wherein you finally have the luxury of buying your own soaker tub, it is important to have the one that suits you best. Here are some practical tips you should follow when buying one.

Is soaker tub a necessity?

Why do you need a fancy tub instead of a cheap shower? You need this because, since the dawn of human civilization, bathing was more than just hygienic, it was pure leisure. A relaxing bath is always done lying down and humans have always taken a good soak to relieve stress and alleviate physical conditions like painful wounds, poor blood flow, arthritis and tense muscles. Why let the hustle and bustle of daily life force you to take a quick shower standing up?

The best tubs are expensive; you should be expecting that early on. And it’s important to prioritize quality freestanding tubs when remodeling your bathroom. Once you have figured out you really need it and have saved for it, Check the space you have if you need to extend your bathroom or is it good as is. A good thing to know is that down the road if you will sell your house, the bathroom is the most likely to sell the house and increase its market value.

What’s your bathtub style?

The design and shape will make the most impact on how relaxing will your bath time getaway be. There are many designs out there but they can generally be categorized as traditional and modern. Traditional deep freestanding bathtubs incorporate more curves, chrome or brass-looking fittings for Victorian or colonial designs while modern tubs lean toward skirts and symmetrical forms for that Zen or minimalist look. Acrylic freestanding bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes now so feel free to explore the possibilities!


Deep bathtubs also come with single or double ended forms. Single ended baths having one sloping end for bathrooms with specific designs or views in mind or double ended ones if you like switching sides then bathing, or having one person on each side for those special occasions.

How big is the ideal stand-alone soaker tub?

It’s always good to get the exact dimensions of the bathroom and tub area when thinking about buying a soaker tub. The bigger it is the more work it takes to install it when it comes to flooring and plumbing, and the position of the waste should ideally be moveable. The size of the bathroom needs to be carefully considered as well since you will need the proper amount of space to clean and move freely inside your bathroom with a deep soaking tub inside. Where you put it in the bathroom should also be considered.


If you put it in the corner, angular looking tubs are ideal since they snugly fit the corners of your bathroom. If you opt for a centerpiece stand alone bathtub, rounded models are ideal since you needn’t worry about access plus stubbing your toe on an edge hurts way more than a rounded side, as I have learned the hard way. The right size will depend on the overall look and utility you will like to achieve.

Installing the freestanding tubs

When installing the freestanding bathtubs, you need to consider the position of the waste and water supply. The adjacent wall or the floor below is a usual spot to put the waste outlet. Bath taps for your water supply can come in three kinds – wall hung, freestanding, or deck mounted bath taps.


Freestanding bath taps suit traditional designs well and deck mounted or wall hung taps give modern designs that extra sleek look. If your tub has legs, an ideal mix would be to include pipe stands or a bath shroud for that traditional elegant look. Modern designs conceal the piping and are angular to achieve that modern minimalist look.

How much will you spend?

As I have said in the introduction. The bathtub will most likely be the most expensive, non-electronic item you will ever buy for your home, so prepare accordingly. If you decide to look for discounts, you will end up spending more to replace the cheap tub you bought due to high labor costs for replacing it.

The pricier freestanding soaking tubs are truly made to last so it makes for a better investment in the long run especially if you’re a big girl like me. The centerpiece for your bathroom and at times, your entire home deserves to be only the best quality.

What do you prefer? A shower or a bathtub?