If you aren’t familiar with lab created diamonds, they’re worth a second look for so many reasons!

Lab created diamonds are diamonds in every single way. They share all of the same properties and uses of mined diamonds, since they are a crystalline form of pure carbon.

Today, there is no good reason to opt for mined diamonds, particularly for engagement rings.

Why support an industry that has damaged the environment and hurt communities and people, when you can opt for a more affordable and conflict-free alternative like lab-grown diamonds?

In an effort to help spread information about this far-better alternative, here is some background information to help guide you through the better path. 🙂

Some lab grown diamond history

Though most people weren’t aware of it, lab created diamonds have been in use since the 1950’s for industrial purposes.

All the same strength and hardness of mined diamonds is there, but the lab created diamond is conflict free, eco-friendly and ethically sourced.

The lab created diamonds were great for all the industrial uses, but they certainly weren’t jewelry grade in the beginning, since there were too many dark inclusions.

With time and scientific advancements, we now have the most beautiful, stunning, jewelry-grade, lab-created diamonds and they’re less costly than mined diamonds too.

All the beauty and longevity that you’ve come to expect in a diamond is present in a lab grown diamonds – even stunning fancy colors.

Why are people hesitant to buy the safer, eco-friendly alternative?

For a while, many people were confused about lab created diamonds, considering them “fake”.

This hesitation on the part of consumers to accept lab created diamonds was further fueled by the campaigns being run by traditional jewelers hoping to prevent people from purchasing lab created diamonds in place of mined diamonds for their engagement rings.

With labels such as “synthetic” and “man made” coming before the term “diamond”, it has been tough for consumers to determine what they’re paying for.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has regulated the way that gems of all sorts are advertised in order to protect consumers.

Now that there is scientific proof that lab created diamonds are indeed identical in every way to mined diamonds, the FTC has ruled that “synthetic” is no longer a good descriptor for lab created diamonds.

These lab created diamonds are optically, physically, and chemically the same as a mined diamond, and as such, can be used interchangeably with mined diamonds with absolutely no downside to them, and many upsides.

The only request that the FTC has made is that all lab created diamonds be labeled and sold as lab created for complete transparency.

How can a jeweler tell if a diamond is lab grown or mined?

All lab created diamonds are independently graded, certified and inscribed not only with their certificate number, but also “LG” so that it’s clear that they are lab grown.

This inscription is literally the only way that even a jeweler can tell that the diamond was grown in a lab versus mined.

Lab created diamonds will test positive on a diamond tester since their chemistry is identical to their mined counterparts.

With no stain of violence, child labor or earth damaging practices, there is every reason to be proud to purchase, own and wear lab created diamonds in all your fine jewelry!