Cowboy boots are popularly known to be fashion statements that came from the Old Wild West. You can read all about their history here. When it comes to the boots’ designs, they have a signature look that includes a high shaft, a Cuban heel, and a rounded or pointed section.

Some of the boots are typically made of leather. There are also boots that were made from a variety of animal skins such as alligator, buffalo, elk, elephant, snakes, and more. Some of the modern designs use faux leather in order to preserve endangered animals.

Why Cowboy Boots are Popular?

Cowboy boots were first worn by cowboys who took care of cows and other herds whole day long. They gained immense popularity when Hollywood movies began showing characters from the wild west. When the industrial era came, the manufacturing of boots became less expensive and more efficient. Many manufacturers began to develop boots that are functional and at the same time, fashionable in a matter of hours.

Cowboy boots were first worn as work boots. (source Pexels)

Hollywood played a major role in making fashion the focus of cowboy boots. The ’30s and the ‘40s focused on boots that have various sizes and colors. You will see some of the boots that are made not just from cowhide, but also from various exotic animals.

When country music and rodeos become popular in the 80s, a lot of people wanted to be in. Eager customers lined up on boot shops such as Tecovas in order to get the popular designs, colors, and shapes that they see on other people. It can be said that the entertainment industry has a lot to do with the popularity of boots.

Classic cowgirl boot, equally at home at a football game or on the dance floor. 

Types of Cowboy Boots

Classic Western Style

This is the most standard and classic design that most people are familiar with. The boots have a half inch heel that is angled. The boots goal is to keep the rider from slipping on the horse’s saddle. These boots have higher heels that the traditional designs that are made for the wearers’ comfort. It can be said that you can walk around while wearing these boots without getting any foot sprains and pains.

Generally, the boots measure about 12 inches in height. The shaft can reach up to the midsection of the legs. The classic boots do not have any laces. There’s also a toe box located in the inside which will protect the wearer’s foot if ever a horse accidentally steps on them.


These boots are very similar to classic styles. The difference can be seen with the hybrid design that is not for individuals who frequently ride a horse. The short heel design of Stockman will provide enough comfort for the wearers who tend to walk a lot. The heel can balance the weight of the body so you won’t feel too tired even if you walk for hours. The scallops may have a noticeable deeper dip compared to other cowboy boots. The scallops are the parts of the boot where the shaft ends.

When you are looking for boots with colorful and detailed stitching, then Stockman boots should be the boot of your choice. It has a rubber sole and a wide toe box that function similarly with the classic cowboy boots.

Choose your color and design! (source Pixabay)


When you are looking for too much flair, then this is the boot of choice for you. The design will draw everyone’s attention whether you are walking on the street or riding a horse. The boots are made with entertainment and rodeo shows in mind. The general measurement of the buckaroo’s height is about 14 inches. The shaft can reach the wearer’s knees.

The boot shaft comes in detailed and intricate stitches that are not common with other styles. The boots have heels that generally measure about 2 inches. The heel measurement can make it difficult for the wearer to ride them for long when they are walking.

Western Work

These boots are commonly worn for practical and functional reasons. This cost less when compared to other cowboy boot styles and designs. The low price can be because of the cowhide leather and the small number of artistic details carved on the boots. The boots have heels with roper styles that measure about one and three-fourths inch. This means that they are ideal for walking rather than riding.

Some of the soles are made with traction rubber and tread half the tie. This is why some Western work boots can be very effective shock absorbers. The midsoles of Western work boots serve as cushions to the wearers. When it comes to the shapes of the toe boxes, these boots come with either slightly tapered or rounded ones which makes long hours of walking a pain-free experience.


Ropers have a lot of similarities to the English riding boots. They have a design that is not far from Western classics. The roper cowboys are popular for performing roping calf events. The Cowboys generally ride on a horse and try to rope a calf and try to stop the calf from moving.

The shows can go seamlessly well when the Cowboys are wearing roper boots. These boots generally have the lowest heel measurements. They just have heels that are just one-inch high. They have been termed as boots for walking since wearers do not feel any discomfort while wearing them.

The boot shaft generally rests above the ankle. The typical roper boots have a heel that is perpendicular to the soles. The soles are very flexible which can guarantee an almost perfect fit. There are also boots with lace-up designs that promote ankle support. This can make walking and riding a very comfortable experience.

If you need more help with regards to the kind of boots that you should be wearing, you can do your research or contact an expert about this. There are a lot of websites and blogs on the internet that can guide you about the proper boots that you can wear. Contact them today!