The gift giving season stresses me out every year. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, some kind of anniversary or Christmas, finding a right gift is always a big headache for me.

A good way to create budget-friendly gifts is repurposing items. You know the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Recycling does not just save you money and nerves when shopping for gifts, but it’s also good for the environment and helps you to get creative.

I really like DIY gifts, as it’s a perfect way to put some love and dedication to a gift.  Don’t think that I’m against store-bought presents – not at all, but sometimes handmade gifts are a perfect alternative.

Today I will show you 5 great ways to upcycle picture frames and how to make DIY gifts from them.

DIY Gifts Made from Picture Frames #DIY #pictureframe #diygifts

The materials and supplies you need to make these DIY gifts are normally things you already have at home (paint, glue, ribbons, etc.). If you don’t have enough frames or need other shapes, just check out thrift stores near you, ask your friends or check out if you prefer to buy frames online. For the terrarium and succulent garden, you may need to buy succulent cuttings if you don’t already have them in your garden.

Here are 5 different DIY gifts made from picture frames:

Memo Board

DIY Gifts Made from Picture Frames #DIY #pictureframe #diygifts #memoboard

The memo board makes a great gift for the home office, kitchen or why not for a living room to display the latest family photos. It’s also perfect for kid’s room to keep their activities organized. You can make them magnetic, use fabric, chicken wire or chalkboard paint to name a few possible design options. (images 1|2|3|4)

Jewelry Display

DIY Gifts Made from Picture Frames #DIY #pictureframe #diygifts #jewelrydisplay

We all know that jewelry is the girl’s best friend and that the best gift for a jewelry lover is a display where to show off all those gorgeous pieces of bling. A good way to display and keep your accessories organized is a jewelry display. You can use lace, picture wire or wire mesh to create a personalized jewelry display for your friends. (images 1|2|3|4)

Magnetic Make-Up Board

DIY Gifts Made from Picture Frames #DIY #pictureframe #diygifts #magneticmakeupboard

Another thing girls love is their make-up. Why should it be hidden in our bathroom drawers, when we can display it as we do with our accessories. The magnetic make-up board is made of a picture frame and a metal sheet. Decorate it as you like and don’t forget to add small magnets so that the gift receiver can attach her precious beauty products to the board. (images 1|2|3|4)

Succulent Garden

DIY Gifts Made from Picture Frames #DIY #pictureframe #diygifts #garden #succulents

The succulent garden makes a perfect present for people who love plants and gardening. It’s a stylish way to decorate your rooms with plants and art at the same time. Shadow box frames are perfect for creating an elegant succulent garden (see the instructions here). Remember to leave a note with instructions about how to take care of the garden. (images 1|2|3|4)


DIY Gifts Made from Picture Frames #DIY #pictureframe #diygifts #garden #terrarium

A terrarium is another great present for people who like having plants around the house as it gives them a possibility to create their own miniature dream garden. But aside from using it for plants, it can be used just for decoration purposes too. Creating a terrarium takes a little bit more time and skill than the above-mentioned gifts, but it’s worth the time. (images 1|2|3|4)


Do you prefer DIY gifts or store-bought ones?