The United Kingdom is a place which includes diverse culture and adventurous tourist destinations.

You can experience some of the most culturally rich flavors and visit the oldest historic sites in the world.

We picked our 5 favorite tourist attractions that are a can’t-miss for any traveler to the UK.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace covers a space of over 40 acres. It is one of the largest palaces in the world which is still operational.

Visitors can discover the London Residence of Her Majesty the Queen and they can also see the changing of the guard ceremony at the Palace.

Buckingham Palace has 19 State Rooms.. All of these 19 rooms were designed by John Nash under the personal statement of George IV in 1825.

The location includes exotic furniture, paintings, sculptures, chandeliers and intricately designed doorways.

The Throne Room in Buckingham Palace includes the original throne chair designed exclusively for Queen Victoria in 1837 – a significant piece of British history!

Oceanarium, Bournemouth

This is home to some of the most exotic underwater wildlife which can be visited in a single location.

From piranhas, penguins, the Zebra Cichlid and the Giant Moray Eel all of these can be seen by spectators without getting wet.

The Oceanarium is also home to some of the most transoceanic sea coral and spectators can also be amused by the different species of jellyfish.

Children and adults alike can see several species of sharks, eels and even turtles.

The Oceanarium is open from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening and the entire facility is completely accessible by people using a wheelchair.


If you have a knack for heritage, the birth of civilization and knowledge this is the most interesting site on the list.

There are a plethora of theories behind the reason of its conception. This historical site was first built around 4,500 to 5,000 years ago and a large part of its history remains a mystery.

It’s located to the west of London at a distance of about 90 miles. The best time to visit Stonehenge is just before dawn in the winter. This is when the stars are visible in coordination with the monument.

The whole experience becomes even more magical if it is frosty. How these rocks got there in the first place is a mystery because there are no rocks of this size close by.

It’s located to the west of London at a distance of about 90 miles and we recommend joining a tour to get detailed information on the landmark.

Hyde Park

This is a park which has achieved the status of a historic site in Central London.

The total area covered by the park is an astonishing 350 acres, making it the largest out of all of London’s Royal Parks.

Historically this was the place that a lot of protests and demonstrations took place. However, today the park contains a children’s play area and a pool where children can ride paddle boats.

The park is also home to Bandstand. International and local bands come to perform here, bringing joy and live music to British and international fans alike.

The park also has a Memorial Fountain for Diana, Princess of Wales which was created on July 6, 2004.

Visitors at the memorial can dip their toes in the fountain to feel the tranquility in the area and get a short break from the busy city streets of London.

Hadrian’s Wall

This is an archaeological site which is also a World Heritage Site since 1987 up to this time and is one of the remnants of the Roman Empire.

Construction on the Wall started in 117AD to distinguish between Barbarian and Roman territories.

The Roman Emperor Hadrian himself came to investigate the progress on the construction of the wall after 5 years. By this time the Wall had covered an area of 73 miles.

A majority of Scotland was under the reign of Romans for a period of over 300 years.

Today, visitors can enjoy bed & breakfast and fine dining at The Hadrian Hotel in Northumberland and you can search here for longer term accommodation.

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