If you’re a parent or an employer, monitoring what your children or employees do while on the internet is essential. More so, the employers need to know whether their employees are spending time on the internet doing the assigned task or their own things. To be able to do this, you need a WebWatcher.

A web watcher is a software program that can be installed on a device to help monitor and report what the users of the device are up to. When you buy the software, you open an account that is encrypted so that no other person can access the data. Typically, the data collected will be sent to your account as soon as it emerges.

It allows you to log in from anywhere and see what is happening to the monitored device. The web watcher may be installed on computers running Windows 10 or Windows XP. It can also be installed on running Mac and operating systems OSX10.7.

Why the WebWatcher is becoming popular

The software is becoming popular because it is undetectable and cannot be removed. Also, when you use it, no evidence will be found of the existence of the software in the task manager or windows registry. Also, it will not appear on the desktop or the operating system. It is important to note that the product’s name will not show up on the bank’s statement. If it appears, it will only be listed as awareness technology.

Where can you deploy it

  • In Emails

The software will help you monitor the incoming and outgoing emails of the account you are tracking whether they are on Gmail or webmail. It allows you to quickly scan the subject line and see the account who is sending the messages. The software can help you scan both the incoming and the outgoing messages and track the conversations.

  • On social media

You can also deploy the program to monitor social media. You may also choose to have a periodic or continuous screenshot of the activities the person you are watching over is engaging in. It can take screenshots of the Facebook messages and URLs. It can also give you information on Twitter activities and capture screenshots of YouTube.  Perfect for controlling your kid’s social media habits!

  • On a web browser

Web watcher will allow you to see all the web-browsing history including all the web pages visited and the time spent on such pages. It will also show you the list of the search phrases used and any information that the user deleted.

  • On your preferred device

The web watcher allows you to create trigger words like guns, sex, drugs, etc. It will then send you an email any time the account you’re monitoring types the word. The software will then screenshot the message typed to enable you to follow up the conversation.

When it detects such words, it highlights them so that it is easy to note them when skimming through the text. Also, it allows you to add e-notify capability and will allow you to receive any data sent or received on the device you are monitoring.

Lastly, you can choose to block any program from running on the device. For instance, you can use it to disable games or block YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu to reduce the time the child spends watching TV. It allows you to set time limits for doing all these things.

Would you need a web watcher?