I love to organize and to have all the rooms clutter-free, but I’m really bad at decorating. I mostly love really minimalist designs and white walls. We don’t have many cheerful colors in our apartment – all the walls & curtains are white. The furniture is cream-colored and I like it!

My daughter’s room was plain white too, minus the pink crib and her colorful toys, but babies and kids need stimulation and colors are a great way to cheer up children’s room.

Here are 5 easy ways to make kids’ rooms fun and cheerful with just a couple of little details.

Decals & Stickers

For me, it’s the easiest way to bring some color and fun to any room. Just choose the images you like or your kid’s favorite characters and start decorating. Decals are an affordable and fast solution for boring rooms.

They are usually reusable and easy to remove without leaving any sticky residue behind. So you can reposition them as often as you want or replace them when your kid’s favorite characters change or they get bored of the design.

Fun jungle wall decal from http://pixersize.com/wall-decals/inspirations/jungle/5152

Jungle wall decal that serves as decoration and also as learning material

Prints, Posters & Art gallery

Paintings bring a lot of life to any room and are an easy way to cheer up a kid’s room. You can frame your kid’s artwork and display those colorful creations on the wall, making it personalized and fun for the kids. Or you can also search for posters and prints that match with room’s theme.

A wall of wall string wire gives your kids a great option to showcase their best gems and at the same time decorate their place.

Creative Art Gallery by The Imagination Tree


Get creative with paints! Kid’s bedrooms give you an opportunity to get innovative and have fun experimenting with different patterns, prints, and colors. There are a lot of ways paint can be used for brightening up the rooms.

The most common way is to paint a wall, but you can also use different paints to decorate furniture, accessories or use chalkboard paint to create an interactive space. Have fun, mix and match to find a combination that works for your kid’s area.

Eclectic Kids by Vancouver Interior Designers & Decorators The Cross Interior Design


Curtains are another easy way to cheer up a room. Use bold colors and patterns that go with the room’s color scheme when the walls are white or neutral colors when the walls are painted with bold colors.

When choosing curtains, keep in mind that kids are often messy! Choose materials that are easy to clean and to take care of.

 Do you have any tips to cheer up a kid’s room?