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Posted on Dec 4 2016 - 9:00am by Ave

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I’m sure that most of us have a friend or family member who loves art, crafts, and DIYs. In our family, my 4-year-old daughter loves art and craft projects and not a day passes by without her creating a card or a letter to her friends. We go through a lot of stickers, colored paper, envelopes, pens, and craft stamps.

To make Christmas shopping for the creative people in your life easier, we teamed up with Crafty Croc®! Together, we’ll bring you some fun and colorful gift ideas for crafters & DIYers. But before we go to gift ideas, let’s get to know Crafty Croc® better!


Crafty Croc® is an American based company that offers a range of premium quality art and craft supplies. Their products are perfect for home, school or commercial use.

Their by far most popular products are award-winning liquid chalk markers that come in a variety of colors. You can choose between white, neon and earth colors, or you can get a mix of all the colors Crafty Croc® offers.


Liquid Chalk Markers – 18 Pack (Neon & Earth Colors!)

Liquid chalk markers are perfect for leaving your mark on almost any non-porous surface! These markers can be used on glass, plastic, metal, glossy board, LED boards, whiteboards, restaurant menu boards, windows, non-porous blackboards, contact paper, mirrors, chalkboard labels, bistro boards, and many surfaces more. They are also great for decorating holiday cards!

What we love about Crafty Croc® liquid chalk markers:

  • non-toxic
  • thick cover
  • reversible tip
  • water based
  • don’t emit any strong smells
  • erasable & easy to clean up

For more ideas on how to use liquid chalk markers, check out our Pinterest board:

Crafty Croc® is adding new products to their range as often as possible and the latest addition to their wonderful family are gel pens! The huge multipack includes 96 unique colors! Yes, you read it right – 96 colors and no duplicates!


Gel Pens – 96 Unique Coloring Pens in Carrying Case

The multipack of gel pens comes with an integrated premium carrying case, super soft comfort grips, and non-toxic inks that let you color in organized style! The colors include exclusive new colors “Jellies & Jams”, a wide variety of rainbow shades, luminous glitters, bold neons, fluorescents, and more.

These gel pens would make a perfect gift for planner addicts, kids who love to draw and color, for people who keep a journal, for students and for all the people who love to have some extra color in their life!

What we love about Crafty Croc® gel pens:

  • Non-toxic
  • Acid and lignin free ink  – won’t damage photos in scrapbooks
  • BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic construction
  • 100% recyclable barrels
  • 35% more ink than standard pens
  • inks won’t smear or bleed
  • super soft silicone grips

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And now to some gift ideas! While liquid chalk markers and gel pens would make a perfect gift by itself, we decided to pair them with a couple of items more, to make an ultimate gift for every crafter, DIYer, and a creative mind on your gift shopping list.

Crafty Croc Gel Pens Gift Ideas

Crafty Croc® Gel PensGood Vibes Coloring BookCable-Knit Mug Gift Set | Secret Garden Coloring Book

Crafty Croc Liquid Chalk Marker Gift Ideas

Crafty Croc® Liquid Chalk MarkersChalkboard Paper RollThe Complete Book of Chalk Lettering

Angelina Salted Butter CaramelsCrafty Croc® Chalkboard Labels

Crafty Croc Gel Pens Gift Ideas for Kids

Crafty Croc® Gel Pens | Art Lab for KidsRotating Scissor Rack with 18 ScissorsWooden Stamp Set

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You can find Crafty Croc® on social media, too. Check out their Pinterest boardsFacebook page, Instagram or Twitter for more crafty ideas!

Who in your family would love Crafty Croc® products?

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  • Nicole E.

    My mom loves coloring, so the Croc Gel Pens or Liquid Chalk markers would be perfect for her. They look like such bright, vibrant colors!

  • Faith Stephenson

    OMG this is the perfect page for all the ladies out there who likes doin DIY things like me! thanks for sharing such products, !

  • TheNewClassy

    I want these! I love to write, draw and doodle. These would be perfect for me. I will have to show these to my husband and hint like crazy.

  • These all look amazing! I would keep those salted caramels for myself though! The chalk markers are super worth it, we have that at home and they’re awesome!

  • Jocelyn Brown

    These crafty croc pen and marker are great! My kids will enjoy using this colorful materials for their homeworks and coloring activities.

  • I love gel pens…I always used them and will continue using them (even though I am not a kid any more) because they are awesome

  • My sister is the crafts person in our family, she is always busy with some sort of crafts with our mother and she would love everything here