For many people, dental problems are dreaded. When a tooth aches, your whole body seems to feel it. And most of the time, you are rendered incapable of doing anything else.

Pain medicines may give you relief for a few hours, but more often than not, a toothache would call for a dental appointment.

Alternative Dental Treatment

HolisticDentistryUSA offers a wide range of alternative dental treatments for your dental problems. Going to a traditional dentist and seeing a tray full of pointed things used to poke your teeth and small drill-like machines can really be a daunting experience one would rather avoid.

At HolisticDentistryUSA, the care for your teeth is governed by the philosophy of you being a whole person in connection with your physical, mental, and emotional state.

It goes by the principles of Holistic Dentistry or Biological Dentistry that believes your well-being as a person is the key to your teeth’s well-being.

The Holistic approach to dentistry uses natural remedies and unconventional treatments to cure and prevent dental problems.

The main differences from standard dental services include the avoidance of toxic dental materials such as the use of amalgam in fillings because of its mercury content, prevention, and treatment of bite problems, identification of gum diseases’ biological root cause,s and advocacy of proper nutrition to prevent and reverse degenerative dental diseases.

Some holistic dentists also offer alternative methods like hypnosis, homeopathy, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine.

To check whether holistic dentistry is the better route of treatment for your dental problem, it is vital to know the possible risks involved.

Because it is a relatively new concept of dentistry that only began in 1978, practitioners of holistic dentistry may vary significantly from each other in terms of technique and services offered.

Possible Risks

Some may be against using fluoride because of the belief that it does nothing to prevent tooth decay but only increases your chances of getting cancer and degenerative bone diseases. Some, however, may be more concerned with the fluoridation of water supply.

A lot of holistic dentists are against the root canal and would advise pulling out your problem tooth, whereas a regular dentist would push to save that tooth and keep your natural teeth intact.

Critics have also claimed that there is unsubstantiated evidence of success in the different alternative methods holistic dentists use. In addition to this, there has also been a misconception when it comes to natural medicines being safer compared to commercialized dental products.

And since holistic dentist provides more specialized care and treatment to your oral health, they tend to charge more expensively compared to mainstream dentists. 

Whichever way of treatment you choose—traditional or alternative—there will be risks involved. In the end, it will be up to you to decide which one works best for your liking.

With HolisticDentistryUSA, you can be assured that your holistic dentist will focus on identifying areas that need treatment and providing you with a stress-free dental experience.

A sound mind and body uplifts the soul and radiates outside through your beautiful smile.