When you have numerous little ones running around the house, changing clothes non-stop, and throwing their items into different laundry hampers, it’s close to impossible to keep track of whose clothes is whose. The mess piles up, clothing items becomes impossible to discern (especially if there is a minor age or size difference between kids), and you end up with a confusing pile of clothes to fold and sort into different closets.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your kids’ clothes tidy and organized so you won’t go crazy with piles of laundry. Read on to discover five necessary tips to keeping children’s clothes sorted and organized!

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1. Personalized clothing tags


This was my mom’s trick and it worked perfectly for my siblings and I. With only a year difference between us, we always had similar sized clothing.

Her workaround was simple: anytime we purchased a new clothing item (or passed one down to a younger sibling) she would sew a personalized clothing tag with our name into the item. After washing, it was easy for any of us to see whose garment was whose, and we could quickly sort through the pile and pick out our clothes.

Creating personalized clothing tags is easy – just head to a site that offers the service and creates the tags with your choice of colors, design or name.

2. Separate clothes that are too small


Keep large plastic tubs handy to store different clothing items that your kids grow out of. Label each box with a size so you can easily use them as “hand-me-downs” for the smaller kids.

If there is space in the closet, it could be the perfect spot to place the current, relevant plastic tub and fill it in easily as clothing items become too tight or uncomfortable for your kid. The plastic tub system also ensures that the closet empties as clothes become too small and give you a better idea on how many well-fitted clothing items remain.

Rachel from the Small Notebook did an amazing job organizing her kids’ clothes by size, as seen in the picture above.

3. Limit the amount of clothing

This is an unpopular choice for teenage girls, but a necessity for families with many kids. No one wants to spend entire days washing their kids’ clothing, pile after pile. It’s a financial burden, time-consuming and completely unnecessary with proper organization.

Instead, each kid should have ‘basic’ pieces which will keep them appropriately clothed without burdening the washing machine. For example, they should each have about 2 pairs of pajamas, 7 pairs of everyday clothes, and 3 pairs of nice, elegant going out clothes.

This should cover most of their needs at a given time. Stephanie from Keeper of the Home suggests a similar number, but she provides more details and tips if you are in need.

4. Create a laundry dresser


This is a great way to have everyone working together to keep clothes organized and sorted. Create or buy a laundry dresser that has a separate bin for each family member to place their dirty laundry. Each member of the family can use their bin – and only their bin.

Once the bin has enough items for washing, place it in the washing machine and you will know whose clothing items they belong to immediately.

5. Teach your kids to do laundry

Once your children are old enough, ask them to contribute with laundry tasks. Placing clothes and preparing the washing machine is relatively easy (especially for today’s tech-savvy kids) so they can pick it up quickly and hassle-free.

Give them a designated day to wash, fold and store their clothes. Not only is it a great way to teach them responsibility and free up your time, it also ensures that your children are sorting their own laundry since they will better recognize their own clothing items.

How do you organize your kid’s clothing? Tell us your tips below! We could always use more. 🙂

Thanks to Freepik for the unedited version of the featured image.