Mmmm… Halloween. Some might think of gore, skeletons, and scary costumes. But not me… I think delicious treats and sweets! Holidays are the best time for creativity, and these Halloween toppings and ideas are some of the best I’ve found. Check the links for recipes. Yum yum.

Round1Candy Corn Fillings Cupcake   |   Zombie Cupcakes  |   Mummy Cupcakes

Round2Ghoulish Ghosts Cupcakes   |  Candy Corn Topping Cupcake  |   Oogie Boogie Cupcakes

Round3Dracula Cupcakes   |   Colorful Witch Hat Cupcakes   |   Ghost Sheet Cupcakes

Round4Upside-down Witch Cupcakes  |  Candy Corn Frosting Cupcakes  |   Devilish Cupcakes

Round5Witch Cone Cupcakes  |   Witch Hat Cupcakes   |   Monster Cupcakes

Round6Broomstick Parking Cupcakes  |  Axe Murder Cupcakes  |  Smiley Pumpkin Topper Cupcake

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Will you be baking some delicious cupcakes this Halloween? We sure will!