I need a vacation… desperately. Between all the drama that is the Middle East, the attacks, the news, the explosions, the media, I’m obviously incredibly stressed out. I need some peace and quiet away from everything – away from the internet, television, email, Facebook. Ideally, somewhere that is warm and super peaceful… and very quiet.

I have 9 vacation days left to use up this year so I want to use them well. Meanwhile, I’m going to go into fantasy land and imagine the amazing vacation I could have away from it all…!

1) Italian village

Ah, it would be so amazing to go to a small town or village in Italy and just enjoy the utmost quiet of being in a place with little transportation and movement… the kind of place where there are long naps in the afternoon and people seem to live a slower pace of life, where time is not of the essence. And then I could, of course, enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine.



2) By the beach in Greece

While I’m fantasizing, why not just visualize a week in a gorgeous hotel in Greece with pools and a seaside view. I would spend my days just lying outside enjoying the sun, dipping my feet into the cool water of the pool, enjoying my time as it passes by slowly and calmly. Ah, and to explore the regions.



3) An Island

No better way to get away from it all then heading to an isolated, exclusive, luxurious island! A girl can dream. 🙂 Ideally, it would be one of those gorgeous islands with cabins right on the water, with exclusive pools of course. I’ll also need white sand and the clearest waters possible.



4) A spa hotel

Daily massages, pedicures, manicures, pamperings… yep, I could be a very happy gal there. All I need is some soothing spa music, a wonderful massage, and to soak my feet in warm water. I can only imagine that I would resurface a changed person – fresh, relaxed and rested.



5) A cruise

I would love a cruise that would have me out at sea for weeks just being spoiled with unending entertainment, delicious buffet meals, and tons of activities. Some days I would rest, some days I would check out everything the cruise has to offer. What a way to get away from it all!



Here’s hoping that one of my future blog posts is about me actually being in one of these locations…

What’s been your most restful vacation? I’d love ideas & I have vacation days to use up!