I can’t believe that it’s almost June already and the school will be out soon! We have had a really great weather lately so most of the afternoons are usually spent at the beach.

My daughter absolutely loves the beach and during the summer no day goes by without a swim in the ocean. I have to say that I’m more of a pool person myself but I do enjoy watching the waves, reading, soaking up the sun, watching my daughter play with sand and having the time of her life.

So as we go to the beach daily I always have my beach bag ready and waiting. Yes, there are days when we just go for a quick refreshing dip but mostly we spend a couple of ours at the beach, so a beach bag full of beach essentials is a must.

Below you’ll see a list of things I always have in my beach bag. It might vary a little depending on the time we will spend at the seaside but basically, these are the things that are must for our beach outings.

My Beach Bag Essentials


This is something I always have in my bag. I usually apply it around 30 minutes before heading to the beach and then as needed while at the beach. I have a separate cream for the face (Kiss My Face or Babo Botanicals) and for the body (Thinkbaby). We try to use sunscreens that are free of harsh chemicals.


You already know that I love reading and a book or a magazine is a must in my beach bag. While my daughter is building sandcastles or swimming with dad I lay back and read my Kindle under the protective shade of the parasol. I’m into post-apocalyptic fiction at the moment. You know, the type of books where the world has been subjected to an apocalyptic event that has left most of a humanity in a state of disarray – natural disasters, zombie apocalypses and alien invasions, to just name a few.

Sometimes I also read romantic novels or gossip magazines, they are just a fun read, do not need much concentration and are perfect for reading at the beach!

Sunglasses & Hats

We get around 300 sunny days per year so protecting our eyes is really important and not only a the beach. We all wear sunnies to the beach, including our daughter. We also have hats with us to protect us from the sun. I love a cute wide-brimmed hat, my husband and daughter usually go for a baseball cap.

Beach Bag Essentials Las Canteras Beach

Snacks & Water

I don’t know about you but beach makes me hungry! So whenever we are planning to stay at the beach for more than an hour, I pack a variety of snacks. Fruit (cherries, grapes, blueberries, strawberries), nuts, muesli bars, sandwiches, etc., keep us full until the meal time and also save money because we don’t have to spend money to buy food in the beach shops. We do buy ice cream once in a while, though!

I use food storage tower for smaller snacks as it’s easy to use and does not take a lot of space in my beach bag. We don’t usually take sugary drinks to the beach, water is enough for us.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags and Ziploc bags are a really great addition to your beach essentials. We use them to hold the wet swimming clothes and beach towels, for trash and beach toys. Ziploc bags are really great for protecting your phone or any other electronic gadget from getting sandy or wet.

Beach Blanket/Mat

We do have beach towels with us but my daughter just loves to roll around and cover every available surface with sand. So we have a big water and sand proof picnic type blanket with us that keeps our towels almost clean and our things sand free.

What are your beach essentials?

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