For millions of people all over the world, wine is synonymous with a calm evening of relaxing, and the chances are that you too are a fan of wine. Movies and TV shows are other things many people indulge in for them to relax and forget about all the stressful things that they have faced that day.

Now wine makes for a good chill session, and so does Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime. However, a combination of a good movie, delicious snacks, and wine is unbeatable! 

Nothing is better than having a great selection of movies, series, and shows to choose from, along with a glass of fine wine. The same way you will watch the best shows on streaming service in the same way you deserve the best selection of wines. Millesima provides you with a large and varied selection of fine wines; from red, white, rosé and sparkling wines.

It doesn’t matter if you order the wine online or buy from a store, just choose a high-end end wine, if possible. Choose a brand that maintains close relationships with their sources to ensure that you get the very best, if it’s a family company, better yet.

So why should you enjoy TV and wine together? Well, keep reading and we’ll show you some reasons why.

Learn watching documentaries

If you are a wine lover, enjoy your crisp and fresh wine at home as you learn more about wine. There are tons of documentaries you can watch that evaluate the different types of wine available. You will be impressed by the discovery you will make on how wine is made, and the different effects that wines have on people. Also, there is plenty of information you will get on the types of wine you should take on specific occasions.

What does this mean? In your history of consuming wine, you get to enjoy it even better. Grab your favorite wine, and expect to be amused by the wine stories you will watch.

 You Can Choose The Time & Wine

Whether it’s after you put your kids in the bed or after a difficult day at work, we all need some relaxing time. When you are in your own home, time is not going to limit how much you enjoy yourself. You can watch your movies and enjoy your wine at your discretion since you do not have to stick to the time scheduled for the film to start.

If you are a wine lover, you’ll have a bottle or two of your favorite wine at home so you can enjoy it whenever you refer. Pair it with a delicious charcuterie board, a great movie and you’ll have a perfect way to spend the evening.

 You Can Choose The Movie & The Company

For me, it’s important to have a selection of TV shows or movies to choose from. I don’t have much time for television, so I prefer to watch something I really enjoy.

Sometimes I prefer to spend a relaxing evening with my husband while enjoying the wine and a good movie, but sometimes I prefer a fun pajama party with my friends. So having a great selection of streaming services and some spirits will let you enjoy your free time to the max.

Streaming Service + Wine = Great Gift Idea

Don’t keep all the good things to yourself! A good bottle of wine and a subscription for a streaming service will make a really great gift. It’s affordable and also something the gift receiver will love!

Do you use any of the streaming services offered?