We have completed the week #10 of picture book reading challenge and here are the books we read!

The concept of the challenge is to read minimum 5-6 picture books a week to your kids, so that in the end of the year, you have enjoyed around 300 new books. As we started the challenge in the end of February, I should read minimum 220 books/stories to Sofia.

1. Mi elefante de los mocos

2. A dormir con Manchas (Bedtime with Woof)

3. ¡A ayudar! (Coco y Tula. Buenos hábitos)

4. Sapo y Liebre (Frog and Hare)

5. ¿Mamá, me cuentas un cuento?

6. ¡Beso, beso!

7. A Lupe le gustan las fiestas

You can see our other read books during the #300PBs challenge HERE.

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