It’s the time for a monthly Instagram post again! Our August was really slow and relaxing, it was nice to spend some family time together before back-to-school.

I really love planning and planners.  I have mentioned it in several posts, but I have to repeat it again. I’m happy with my mr. wonderful agenda – it makes all the planning so much easier and fun too! You can see the review here.

Instagram is by far my favorite social media platform. We are newbies, but I think we have done really well considering the time we have been present on Instagram. We shared some tips on how to get high-quality followers, you’ll see, they’ll work!  

The start of the new school might be a real chaos, but with some planning and organizing it’s possible to minimize the confusion and the mess that occurs during the back-to-shool time. Ronnie shared some time and sanity-saving tips to get organized for back-to-school!

Since starting with paleo 9 months ago, I have been trying out different recipes and I have discovered so many amazing blogs that make the paleo lifestyle a great adventure. These tortillas are really delicious and a healthy alternative to store bought ones. 

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As the weather has been super great, Sofia has been spending most of her mornings or afternoons (or both) at the beach. She loves to play with sand and swim.

I really like to have a manicure and pedicure once a month made by professional. It’s so great when somebody pampers you and I get to have some me time. Lately I go for bolder colours. Love this neon/Barbie pink nail polish. Perfect for summer!

My daughter has finally started to like movies. She was so impatient a couple of months ago and did not concentrate through a whole movie, but now she really enjois them. Frozen, Minions and Lilo & Stitch are her favorites at the moment. Can’t wait for those mommy-daughter movie nights!

How was your August?