Do you want to see something AMAZING? This really blew my mind… it’s one of those inventions that makes me feel like we’re entering the imagined future of “The Jetsons”.

Before I can even explain it, you need to watch it. Seeing it in action will do it more justice than my words:

Wow!! Right?

Now let’s talk about it!

What is ZOE?


ZOE is the future… except it’s in our present. To be more specific, ZOE is a smart home hub that also keeps your information private.

Imagine walking out of a room and the lights turning off on their own. Better yet, imagine a soothing wake-up call at 7am which starts with window screens opening on their own, letting natural light in, and then soft music waking you up softly.

THAT is the potential of a project like ZOE.

 ZOE Smart Home Hub. Featured on #zoe #smarthome #wallart

ZOE can be programmed very easily with an IFTTT system (“if this then that”). For example, you can tell ZOE to turn off the lights in your kid’s room every night at 21:30 on the dot. No more “but moooom, five more minutes”. No, now ZOE lays down the law and its bedtime.

There are a few actions that ZOE will be able to do in your smart home, among them:

  • Lightshows
  • Turn lights on and off
  • Give you notifications
  • Lock doors
  • Set room temperature
  • Turn on and watch through cameras
  • Detect motion
  • Notify who is home
  • Play music

Pretty crazy, huh? We would save so much electricity in the home from lights turning off in empty rooms.

ZOE is Beautiful

This gorgeous hexagon display fits smoothly in the home and looks like an elegant display piece. The creators made it so it fits perfectly on the wall, but you can also place it on bookcases, dressers, coffee tables, or other flat surfaces.

You can also change its art covers so it becomes a beautiful art display. The displays are for sale, but you can create your own art cover as well!

 ZOE Smart Home Hub's art displays. Featured on #zoe #smarthome #wallart

ZOE also has 26 LEDs that produce 16 million colors. You can use the colors to communicate messages (for example, make the lights shine blue if it will rain) or make a fun light show.

ZOE Smart Home Hub's Mood lighting. Featured on #zoe #smarthome #wallart

ZOE is Extensive

ZOE sits in one room, but obviously, you and your family move around the home. The developers have the solution pre-packaged with ZOE. You can get “Voice Drops” and place them around the home. They are basically voice-based remote controls that help ZOE hear you wherever you are.


So for example, if you place one in the kid’s room and it’s 22:00 and they are playing instead of sleeping, ZOE can alert you, even if it’s with a soft red light (you tell it how you want to be alerted).

Or if you’re leaving the room and entering the bathroom, well, ZOE automatically turns off the light as you exit one room and turns on the bathroom light. 21st-century stuff, I tell you.

ZOE can also connect to thousands of devices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and even cloud-connected devices. It can connect to all the mobile phones in the house and let you know who is home and who is out.

What about privacy? It’s all About Having a #choice

What happens at home, stays at home. Use private smart home hubs like ZOE. Keep your privacy safe! #choice #ZOE #smarthome

The main concern with smart homes has to do with privacy… after all, you don’t want all your private information sold to the highest bidder: data like what your family does at home, what music you listen to, or even your conversation topics. Some smart mics and cams are recording even when we don’t want them to (yes, even your hanky panky). Worst of all, it’s a mystery where the information goes. That’s scary!

That’s also what makes ZOE stand apart from competitors. ZOE is the ONLY smart home hub on the market that does not share your information with a central cloud. Everything is encoded and saved in its memory, so no private data is ever archived in a third-party cloud. That means all the data is in your control and you are the only one with access to it.

ZOE makes the promise to give you a #choice: What happens at home, stays at home. People should have the choice to live a private and secure life with modern technology. Say no to invasive products that steal your data, record your everyday conversations and save the information without your knowledge!


It’s on IndieGoGo right now for a Super Early Bird price of $149 (with free shipping worldwide)! That’s a 50% discount on its future price, but you need to catch it before it’s sold out.


Help develop this groundbreaking product through the campaign and you’ll have your own amazing start to a private, futuristic smart home. And I’ll be jealous. 🙂

Support the ZOE here!