How to Prepare for a New Job @homelifeabroad #working #job #newjob

Recently, I made a drastic change in my routine: I got a job! I didn’t intentionally search for it, but it came to me and it was a perfect and enticing fit for my knowledge and experience. But it sure is a change in my lifestyle: until now, I was working from home on freelance gigs whenever they came along. Now, I have a 9-6 job, I have set commitments every day, meetings, responsibilities and a weekly schedule outside of work.

This is how I prepared myself for that first day and week of my new job. I hope it helps in your path to prepare for your new job as well!

1) Know your way to work

Most jobs are not a walking distance away. Many times, they require taking public transportation or driving to get to the office. Take a look at Google Maps, Waze or Moovit at least a day before your first journey to work. Make sure you have a solid concept of how to arrive and how long it will take. There is nothing worse than causing a bad impression by arriving late to the first day of work!

2) Study the company

In most circumstances, a new employee will receive training regarding the company, its goals, and products. However, it never hurts to arrive prepared with information and knowledge about the company. Ideally, you should have a good concept of their products and services as well as an understanding of what the company does. The best way to reach this is by going through the company’s website and Googling them. There may be information, articles or interviews that are helpful in forming a solid concept of the company.

3) Get your materials ready

You may need certain documents or material for your first day of work. I took a pen & paper in case I wouldn’t receive them at the office (I did get a new branded notebook & a pen on my desk upon arrival, as well as a branded shirt!). I also took bank information so I could provide it to the HR office for salary transfers and cash to buy lunch. If you’re unsure of what to take with you, ask before your start date.

4) Brush up on your knowledge

Sometimes we fall into a routine in prior jobs and stop keeping up-to-date on industry news. A few days before your new job, make sure to brush up on your knowledge. Make sure you know what is going on in your industry, read through posts, e-books and information that will help you catch up and remember what you had long forgotten.

5) Schedule your week

If like me, you have many extra-curricular activities, a new job means a new schedule. I can no longer pick my gym and class hours – I’m limited by a full-time position. So I now have to be very particular of what my week looks like. I need to pre-plan my week and even my month in advance. That way, I can ensure that all responsibilities, errands, and tasks fit into my schedule.

How have you prepared for your job?

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