Do you have a home that’s always feeling dusty? Do you have pets? Does your family suffer from allergies?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is likely that your home is in need of a good, thorough cleaning.

If you have pets, it can be increasingly difficult to keep your home clean and smelling fresh (not to mention, young kids making a mess everywhere!)

Cleaning your home regularly can make all the difference in keeping your home smelling its best, but life is busy and it can be challenging to keep up with household tasks.

So when you can’t do a deep cleaning of your home, you can still do a few simpler cleaning tasks to help keep your home smelling fresh.

Take a look at the top 5 that make all the difference!

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1) Clean your air vents

It’s a good idea to clean your air vents at least once per quarter. Doing so will help your home smell good and keep allergens, dust mites, and other germs out of the air.

When vents coated in dust are left uncleaned, the musty smell from the dirt and grime is moved throughout your home by air that passes through the air vents.

Not only can this make your home smell like a basement, but it could also be problematic for your family members.

In addition to having a smelly home, dust and allergens can induce asthma attacks and cause allergies.

If you need convincing, take a quick look at what’s behind the vents and you’ll find all the inspiration you need to get cleaning!

A clean home is a fresh home

2) Empty and clean your garbage disposal

This may seem like common sense, but it’s often forgotten – usually out of laziness and procrastination.

After you have done the dishes for the day, be sure to empty your garbage disposal. Run hot water down the drain and run the disposal for a minute or two.

This will ensure that all food particles are broken down and disposed of properly. About once a week, be sure to insert a garbage disposal cleaning pack and run the disposal as indicated.

The most common way to clean a disposal is to run a small trickle of hot water for a minute or two and then put the cleaning packet into the disposal.

Turn the water on a bit faster and turn on the disposal for a couple of minutes until the cleaning solution has bubbled up and washed away.

This will keep your disposal smelling clean and fresh and it will prevent moldy smells from coming out of the drain.

3) Use candles or scented wax strategically

Placing candles and scented wax throughout the home is a great way to make your home smell great.

Depending on the season, pick out scents that are fitting. For example, in the fall months, a scent such as toasted marshmallow or falling leaves is a great way to bring the lovely smells of the outdoors into your home.

If candles are not your style, you can buy sprays that will automatically spray a delicious smell based on time intervals. This ensures your home always smells fresh.

4) Simmer potpourri on the stove

If you prefer to make your home smell great naturally, you can boil some homemade potpourri on the stove throughout the day.

Some of the best homemade potpourri recipes are made of oranges, cinnamon sticks, and apple slices.

These are also great for bathrooms, both as a decorative piece and to help the space smell fresh and flowery.

5) Deodorize carpets

If you have young kids and pets, you will likely want to vacuum, deodorize and shampoo your carpets regularly. So we recommend you to buy the best vacuum for carpet and cleaning products keeping in mind your specific needs.

Vacuuming can pick up dust and pet hair which can make your home smell of “dog” if you leave it too long,

Another way to keep your carpets smelling fresh is to put down carpet deodorizer before vacuuming. When vacuuming up the particles, the scent will infiltrate the house and make it smell fresh.

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