Living in a small space can feel enclosing and distressing, but actually, there are a lot of tips and tricks that help you to make small rooms look bigger. It’s important to remember that in a small space everything has to be well-thought-out and planned. But the most important thing about decorating any space is to make it comfortable and to fit your style.

Here are a couple of tips that give you some ideas how to decorate your spaces and make interiors seem more spacious than they really are.

Top Tips To Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

Go for Pastel And Neutral Colors

Colors that are heavily saturated or particularly dark tend to make the room cozy, but also to look smaller, so you should steer clear of those. That means that you should likely start out by changing the color of paint in your living space if the landlord will let you or you own your home. A simple coat of white paint or a soft cream color can go a long way and won’t limit your décor.

You can also choose pastel colors like yellow, light blue, pink, mauve and green. These colors give you the best result when combining them with whites and other neutral tones. Think on pastel rugs, accessories or just pastel colored walls.

Add Mirrors

You may live in a small apartment, but using mirrors right can make it look much bigger. Mirrors make a big difference in any room and can add visual space to the area even if it doesn’t really exist. That’s because mirrors basically work to reflect more space to the eye, even if that’s just the space behind you when you look at the mirror. As a rule of thumb, more visual depth equals a room that feels larger.

Mirrors are also particularly beneficial for bathrooms, and mirrors that are unique shapes like rectangles or diamonds have the most benefit. These bathroom mirrors will make your space feel wider and taller even if you’re just decorating a very small powder room.

Opt for Stripes

One of the hardest things about designing a small room is that patterns can make your area feel smaller. Luckily, stripes can actually make space feel bigger, so they’re a top choice for designers when working with small spaces. Wallpaper, fabric for couches and chairs and even vertical striped rugs can all work wonders in a small room.

You can increase the apparent height of the room with bookcases reaching to the ceiling. Vertical lines that lead the eye from floor to ceiling make walls appear taller and grander. If you orient the stripes of the rug to go the length of the space, it makes your room appear longer and horizontal stripes make a narrow area look wider.

Do you have any tips on how to make small rooms look bigger?