If you have a knack for home design or simply want to make the most of your interior and exterior space, you may feel it’s important to pay attention to every detail, from the curtains to the handles on the faucet. Designing your home gives you the opportunity to dream, to create and to make space feel like it is truly yours. Many home design plans hit a wall when it comes to working with utilitarian objects that cannot be moved. A perfect example of this is creating a home décor around an HVAC unit.  These objects are necessary, but they may provide an obstacle to your home design plans.

After this year’s colder than normal winter, we have decided to add an HVAC unit to our vacation home. The climate is really humid there so the winter weekends we spend there are usually cut short because the house is really cold. So adding an HVAC unit that can be used both in the winter and summer sounds like a perfect solution to make that home more comfortable for us and the friends that are visiting.

How to Integrate HVAC Unit Into Your Home Décor

While I’m happy to have a warm house to go to during the weekends, I don’t like the HVAC unit design much. I have been looking for ideas how to make it as less noticeable as possible and below you’ll find a couple of tips to make your HVAC unit fit with your home décor.

Focusing the Eye

This decorating dilemma may seem particularly challenging if you rent rather than own your home and cannot make decisions on major changes. If you are a homeowner and have a limited budget, you may not feel it is worthwhile in the short-term to have the HVAC unit moved to another area.

In addition, you may benefit from air conditioning or heating in a particular location. One decorating strategy you can use is to draw the eye away from the air conditioning unit by creating bold, eye-catching designs close to the area where it is mounted.

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The trick to this approach is to attract the eye just above or below the area where the device is located without emphasizing the HVAC unit itself. A new window unit that is custom-made to your home décor will frame your window in a way that creates a focal point. This is particularly useful if your window has a gorgeous view of nature or a landmark outside.

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Hiding the Unit

The easiest way to get your HVAC unit fit your home décor is installing it in a place where it sits more discreetly. According to King hvac services, it’s really important to know where you want your HVAC unit installed and consult experts to know if the location is suitable.

What if you can’t place your air conditioning and heating device where you want it to be? In that case, get creative and hide it!  You can consider creating a window seat that has the HVAC unit as the base. Place some latticework or a grille design over the front of it for the right amount of ventilation and to conceal the actual structure. This is a good strategy if you own your home and plan occupying it for a number of years.

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If you are living in a space you are renting for a relatively short amount of time, there are inexpensive ways you can disguise your HVAC unit. If you have a bookshelf with the top area that is comprised of cabinets, see if you can adjust the cabinets so that they can completely conceal the unit. You might have to fit new doors and broadens some spaces with some basic woodwork, but this is one of the most effective ways of making your HVAC unit invisible.

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If you don’t feel like concealing your HVAC unit, there are a number of attractive, modern heaters and air-conditioners that are pleasant to look at and can complement the design of your home.

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If you want to purchase a new HVAC unit, choose one that is efficient, attractive and blends in with your home décor.

Do you have an HVAC unit? Does it work with your home décor?

The unedited air image by Jan Tik /CC-BY 2.0