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The time has come… to finally bring my dad and grandma into the 21st century. Scared as they are to finally use a smartphone (what do you need so many buttons for anyway?!), I’m sure it will change their life once they see the many practical uses of an iPhone. GPS, email, Whatsapp, skype – yep, they will soon become believers!

But the truth is that they don’t need the newest and latest in mobile phones. They will only use a few basic apps at best, and even those will take some training on my part. So I’ve decided to give them a gift and buy them lightly-used, certified, pre-owned iPhones from Gazelle instead! They are super cheap (and currently on sale) so why not? Then dad & grandma won’t have to be worried about the expense either.

I’m familiar with Gazelle for quite a while, so I know I can trust them with a used phone. When they say that they’re gently used, they really mean it… they look like new (like they came out of their original boxes). There’s zero strings attached or contracts, it’s a one-time payment, 30-day risk-free returns and they are committed to providing only cell phones that pass their quality inspection.

An iPhone 5 certified to be ‘like new’… starts at $204. (Crazy cheap!) The iPhone 4s sells at only $119!


If you want to buy a cell phone that looks and feels like new for only a fraction of the usual price – head to Gazelle. Why spend so much more when you get the same for less??