5 Ways to Find Freebies Online @homelifeabroad.com #freebies #freebiesonline

Are you a freebie lover? If so, welcome to my world of freebie fandom! I love to constantly find and score amazing freebies from all over the web.  The web is overflowing with these free goodies, but you have to know your way around all the scams and spam to find the true freebie gems.

Here are some of my personal strategies to find freebies that will pile up your home with all sorts of great goodies! Enjoy the savings.

1) Follow Reddit’s Freebies Thread

This is a better resource for Americans than the rest of us, but this thread can be a great way to find thousands of freebies from all sorts of stores, restaurants, chains, brands and more.  People will vote on the better freebies, so the higher up and the more points it has, the better the freebie. However, it can be a good idea to keep posted on new threads so you can catch the very newest freebies and get them before they run out.

2) Freebie blogs galore

Just like I have a giveaway obsession, there are bloggers out there who love to track and share freebies. Here are a few great ones that are worth the follow:

3) Follow brands on Facebook

I score lots of freebies (and enter lots of contests) that I discover myself on Facebook just by following companies and brands. They pop up in my news feed and are usually undiscovered by most people. Right before holidays is the most active time for Facebook freebies!

4) Use Twitter to your advantage

First, follow hashtags. Doing so is easy with a program like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. Smart hashtags to follow are #freebie and #freebies.  You can also follow Freebie tweeters to be constantly updated on new freebies they find and promote.  Here are a few solid Tweeters:

More awesome Twitter strategies here.

5) Look for websites in your own language/country

Finding freebies in Israel is tough – companies here don’t like to give out their products for free. But by using Google, I did manage to find websites that list freebies. You can do the same – search in Google in your own language or by writing your country in the search like this: “freebies Ukraine”.

If you happen to be Israeli, this is my source for freebie listings.