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Just mere 24 days left until Halloween! Have you decided what costume will you be wearing? What about your kids?

If you haven’t decided yet, here are more than 20 super cute Halloween costumes for kids. I’m sure you’ll find a perfect one for you kid!

Halloween Costumes for Kids (1)

50’s Poodle Cutie | Cutsie Clown | Skeleton Girl | Minnie Mouse Glow in the Dark

Monarch Butterfly |Deluxe Cookie Monster | Paige the Dragon | Classic Snow White | Kevin

Halloween Costumes for Kids 2

Kelly the Cow | Corduroy Donkey | Buzzy Bee | Pinky Winky

Magical Unicorn | Lil Piggy | Lion Cub | Tiny Tentacles Octopus

Halloween Costumes for Kids 3

Cuddly Tiger | Lil Pink Monster | Alien | Polar Bear | Baby Boo

Baby Mouse | Baby Raccoon | Blue Bunny | Teddy Bear

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What will you dress up as for Halloween?