I know that there are only three days left til 2017 but I thought I’d share my end-of-the-year bucket list with you. My list is actually really short. These are the things I really want to accomplish before 2017 knocks on my door.

Three days may seem like a really short time, but there is still plenty of time to do the things you have on your bucket list too! There is no need to get anxious because you haven’t crossed off all of your 2016 New Year’s resolutions from your list yet. Try to fulfill some of them and you’ll see that you’ll be much happier by the end of the day.

My end-of-the-year bucket list!

End-of-the-Year Bucket List


Starting the new year with a blank slate has been something I have been doing for years now. A couple of days before the end of the year I deep clean our apartment. It’s not something I enjoy doing, but a clean start is something I really love.

After the Christmas we try to declutter our home as much as possible – we sort the toys and clothes our daughter is not using anymore and same goes for our clothes and gadgets. We donate them to our local second-hand shop that raises funds to drug rehabilitation centers, so this way we can give back to our community.

I also raid my pantry and bathroom cabinets and get rid of food, skin care products and medicines that have expired.

Think about what you expect of 2017

Are you expecting to find “the one”? Get a better job? Travel the World? Write a book?
A lot of people will start the year with making resolutions. I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions because I just tend not to keep them.

End-of-the-Year Bucket List Goals

I try to have some goals and expectations for the new year, though and I try to work towards them little by little. I break down my goal to smaller tasks and map the best trajectory to achieve my goals.

While we can’t exactly know what 2017 brings we are able to get spiritual insights and make the new year our best year yet!

If you are like me, and can’t wait to know if your chosen path is successful, contact someone who can tell you if you are on the right track! The people at psychicworld.com can tell you where you are headed so you can make the changes needed to reach the goal you set.

Get a planner

I love planners and I could not live without them. As soon as I buy a new planner, I start to fill in the birthdays, national holidays (read no work days!) and other important events. I also tend to check the best dates for family holidays and note down some possible vacation ideas, so I have something to look for.

Basically, I’m already planning the new year. I find that planning the days and weeks (if possible) ahead has a huge impact on my productivity. There are fewer things I forget and more things I get done, as I really like to cross off things from my list. Having a planner is a must for me if I want to achieve my goals.

Give yourself a break!

After all the hard work you have done this year, you deserve some pampering. Treat yourself to a spa day, go shopping, read a good book, spend a day binge-watching your favorite movies or shows.

Do something you really like! It’s a good way to unwind and enjoy the last days of 2016, and start 2017 fresh and rosy.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?

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