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Do you know what today is? It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! And how better to celebrate this holiday than by finding the best pirate goodies the internet has to offer.

So let’s set our Facebook language to Pirate speak ‘n heartly enjoy th’ celebrations. Yar har har!

Th’ Photo Booth Props

Yo ho ho! Let’s all become pirates with this creative set of props. Perfect for a wedding or a fun photo opp at home.

Wee knitted pirate

A wee, little pirate.<3 How can you not fall in love with his jelly bean-shaped body?

Walk th’ plank, ye scurvy pirate!

What a fun game for kids! It’s a great addition to a pirate themed party, for children and adults alike. (You’ll need a strong board!)

Ye Ol’ Pirate Fleur

This looks easy to knot and super chic! It’s just the last two steps that scare me.

Delicious Pirate Cake Pops

So creative and fun to munch on. Yum yum!

Scurvy Pirate Bunny Brooch

He’s evil, but oh-so-cute.

Pirate Ship Book Alteration

Pirate Ship Book Alteration

Source: Wet Canvas

The amount of work that goes into a masterpiece like this is astounding. This is one of the better papercut book alterations I have seen, and deserves an honorable mention in this list!