Physical fitness is an incredibly important part of my life. Not just because I like to stay fit and feel good, but also because I’m ashamed to say that a few years ago, I was obese. It doesn’t shame me due to any negative feelings over weight – I’m ashamed because I made myself sick with my carelessness, overeating and bad exercise habits. As the blood test results came in, I realized quickly what I had done to myself and the absolute need to fix it – starting now.

One year and a half later, I had lost 20 kilos (44 pounds). I became a new person; I finally felt great about myself and felt the difference in my energy levels and health. My blood sugar was at a normal level and I no longer had to worry about becoming pre-diabetic. My cholesterol was significantly lower, and I was finally on the proper path to the health a 20-something should have.

Before                       After
Before                                                           After

That was three years ago. Since then, I have become committed to not straying from my path and remaining fit, exercising and eating healthy. I’m not by any means at the same level that I was then – I no longer have 2.5 hours a day to spare at the gym and I do eat the occasional chocolate. But it’s all about continuing to take care of myself!

As a working woman and a tired woman at that, going to the gym is tough. So I came up with a better solution – home workouts to get me sweating and not have an excuse to not work out. This is my personal workout session below – all cardio. It gets me sweating and active and feeling like I just went to the gym. I do it 3x a week and suffer through the entire thing… it doesn’t seem to get that much easier!

Try this from home and see the pounds shed:

<b>30 Minute Home Exercise</b>
Repeat 2x – wait 30 seconds between repetitions.

ENJOY the sweat ladies!