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I am obsessive about keeping my teeth healthy and clean. Even the slightest amount of plaque has me feeling discomforted, so I like to ensure that my teeth stay ultra clean after a good flossing and brushing. In my experience, the standard toothbrush is not sufficient to remove all the plaque and have my teeth feeling truly clean. This is why I was excited when more-T USA reached out and introduced me to their unique more-T toothbrush.

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more-T toothbrush

Curious? I was! The more-T toothbrush is an interesting new toothbrush design that promises to be better for our teeth than the standard design. It’s fully FDA certified and is patented, which means no competitors can create a T-shaped toothbrush. I’m quite convinced that once you try it, you’ll be a convert as well!

What do I love about this toothbrush?

  • It is easier to reach and brush my teeth due to its longer design (especially my wisdom teeth)
  • It promotes up-and-down and circular brushing, which is the correct way to brush your teeth and protect teeth and gums
  • It excels at cleaning the tongue (one of my absolute musts)
  • The bristles are soft, protecting tooth enamel and gums
  • For those with tooth sensitivity, this is the perfect toothbrush!

I’ve tried many types of toothbrushes, but the chart below says it better than I ever could. The T-shape toothbrush is simply a better option than the conventional or electric toothbrush.

more-T US vs. Them

One of my biggest problems when brushing my teeth (I’ve been nagged by the dentist a lot) is that I’m too rough with my brushing, and it’s causing receding gums due to the strength of the side-to-side brushing. This toothbrush is my personal solution to that – the T shape, soft bristles and the way it causes me to brush in circular and up-and-down motions forces me to be more gentle with my brushing. My gums are thankful!

Truth be told… I’m now a new and committed customer. They have me convinced. I’m a firm believer in the more-T toothbrush and I’m not switching back to a regular toothbrush. I can really feel the difference!


The T-shaped toothbrush is better for adults and children alike!

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