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I can’t wait for the summer to start! All the festivals, markets, outings, vacations and road trips that summer brings!  We are on the go most of the summer and I wouldn’t change it for anything. It’s a great time to discover new things, experience new places and spend some great time with the family.

When you have kids, the traveling is not that easy anymore. Impromptu getaways are far and between because you have kids to think about now. Traveling with kids is an experience in itself and while it might be stressing sometimes there is some baby gear that makes traveling with your little ones much easier.

I have traveled by myself with my daughter several times when she was a baby to visit my Estonian family. That usually means 3 planes, 2 busses, 300 km (186 miles) by car and a night in Madrid or Barcelona and this is just one way. So everything that makes traveling more comfortable is always a big help.

The Baby Cubby Baby Gear

So for this post, we partnered with The Baby Cubby to share our baby gear top 5 when traveling with little kids. The Baby Cubby is a baby store that offers a wide variety of hand curated baby gear and also an innovative, convenient, and fun shopping experiences for parents.

I really like the things The Baby Cubby believes in:

We believe that being a mother and parent is the hardest and most important job in the world. You work nights and weekends; never get a raise, a promotion, a paycheck, or even a cool scratch ’n sniff sticker at the end of the day.  – The Baby Cubby

That’s why it’s understandable that besides the all imaginable baby product selection they also offer a different kind of shopping experience. Starting from the drive up purchase option, in Store iPads for research, the couch & play area for family and the little ones and ending with the 10-minute full body massage from neck to toes in their massage chair. Don’t you just want to try it right now?

And now to our favorite baby gear for traveling!

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is essential when traveling with infants! I have used both a traditional diaper bag and also a stylish diaper bags that actually look like handbags. Whatever design you choose to use, be sure that it matches your needs.

I prefer a handbag that works as a diaper bag too. That way I don’t have to carry two different bags and while traveling I go for comfort, so one bag with two functions works great for me. The Baby Cubby has a great collection of stylish and versatile diaper bags to choose from! You can even pick one that matches your outfit!

Coco and Kiwi Provence 5 – Piece Diaper BagLittle Unicorn Brookside Tote Diaper Bag 
MZ Wallace Parker | Petunia Pickle Bottom Coated Canvas Downtown Tote


A jogger that is lightweight, easy to fold/unfold and takes a little room when folded is a great travel companion. Little ones get tired fast and carrying them around all day long is exhausting.  Having a stroller with you does not only save you from a backache but also gives you a space for storing the diaper bag, beach toys, shopping bags or whatever you need to get out of your hands.

The Baby Cubby has a presale for Baby Jogger City Select LUX. It looks like an amazing jogger and perfect for day to day or traveling as it’s easy to use and gives you and opportunity to add a second seat, glider board or bench seat if you are traveling with more than one kid. Be sure to check out the introductory video of the jogger below!

Feeding Gear

I’d say that you are lucky when you are traveling with an infant because they just need breast milk or baby formula and nothing else to eat. When traveling with older kids you need more food options. I like to have a selection of healthy snack on hand when traveling. Bringing your own food or snacks is especially important when you have kids with food allergies or with a special diet and also helps to save money when traveling.

There are so many baby food storage options on the market but my favorite by far is a storage tower. The Baby Cubby has a Skip Hop Grab & Go Baby Food Storage Tower in their baby gear selection and I totally recommend it! We are using a similar tower at the moment but sadly not this colorful.

The food storage tower has three different storage containers with interchangeable twist-and-lock lids. You can use the containers separately or stacked together forming a tower.  As the containers are transparent, it’s easy to see what’s inside and so bigger kids can choose their snacks without opening all the containers.

We use this type of container also for storing medicine, vitamins, small accessories, sewing kit, etc., when traveling. It keeps all the items really well organized and makes it easy to find and use.

For smaller kids, we would recommend Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon. The dispensing spoon makes the feeding time mess free, eliminates the need to take the baby food jar and utensils with you because the spoon combines the spoon and the jar. It’s really worth a try!


Swaddle/ Scarf

I always have a lightweight scarf in my handbag or diaper bag when traveling. A small scarf or blanket can be used for swaddling your baby, keeping your kids warm on an airplane, covering them up when sleeping or used as a nursing cover. It might be also used for covering your shoulders or hair when visiting religious places if needed.

A selection of cotton muslin swaddles from The Baby Cubby

Entertainment for Kids

Always have some kind of entertainment on hand. Little kids get bored fast so it’s important to keep them occupied. When my daughter was a baby I usually brought a couple of colorful rattles and teether toys and that was enough. Now, as a 4-year-old I let her pack her own activity bag. I do supervise because without it, she would bring all her toys and books. She usually chooses her favorite teddy bear, small PinyPon dolls, and a book. She can also use our iPad.

Super fun Skip Hop ZOO Pack Little Kid Backpacks

Letting my daughter pack her own bag lets her feel independent, teaches responsibility (as she has to take care of her back bag) and decision making, and also keeps the complaining about being bored to the minimum as she chose the items to bring with her.

What gear do you take with you when traveling with kids?