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So, how human are you? Reebok has created a fun test to find out just what makes us all human, based on a scientific study on the aspects & characteristics that make us all who we are.


Answer challenging and amusing questions like who you would prefer to speak with at an event: a scientist or a novelist? Would you wish for wealth or health? Interesting questions and unexpected answers are what I found!

Watch this amusing video to find out more about how and why the text was developed (straight from the Super Bowl!)


I was curious so I took the test. Imagine my surprise when I saw the results and it fully represented me! The results are in Spanish but I will translate. Reebok knows that I’m a Robust Samaritan – I love to help & support others in my life and place them first.  🙂



Honestly, you are a Robust Samaritan. You are committed to making the world a better place for us all. Your actions pass by one filter: if there is no positive impact or benefit, forget it. Robust Samaritan think that putting effort and defying themselves makes them stronger; fighting against temptation is one way to develop discipline. If for any reason they lose their path, they have the interior strength to go on the right path. They are like a compass of morality for the rest of us.


How human are you? It’s time to take the test and find out!