Hi, everyone! As I mentioned before, Ave and I have started a section on how to make money blogging. We’ve been so fortunate to be able to monetize our blog and we want to share just how we do it.

Now we introduce you to RankSeller, one of my personal favorites!


RankSeller is a service that makes it easier for companies to reach out to bloggers and webmasters. It’s a marketplace for content marketing and companies who want to have their products and services spoken about by bloggers. It’s also very international, offering this service in a bunch of languages: Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish, English, Polish, Dutch and French.

There are 2 ways to get hired on RankSeller:

  1. A company directly contacts you – they won’t see your site until you respond with a sign of interest. They can only view your metrics, price, social media numbers and any information you add – such as the bio.
  2. When you apply to a campaign. Companies start campaigns and provide information on what they’re looking for. If you fit their needs, give it a go by applying! You’ll get a notice if you’re picked, at which point you will have 6 days to complete.

Campaigns that are currently running in English. You will see that I applied to two, but the third was not relevant to my blogs.

About the company

Rankseller is a German company that offers advertisers the opportunity to work with relevant publishers. I’ve had numerous conversations with their team, and they are an excellent, hard working staff who really value bloggers.

Who is this open to?

RankSeller likes genuine and quality blogs interested in publishing sponsored and advertorial content. They are not overly picky but they do have the following requirements:

  • Must match one of their languages (Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish, English, Polish, Dutch and French)
  • Must be a real blog, not created for spam
  • Must be online for at least 6 months
  • Regularly maintained and updated
  • Should not be overloaded with advertisements, pop-ups, and foot/sidebar links for SEO purposes

Brands they work with

RankSeller works with a variety of international brands, including companies from Italy or Germany who want to branch out to English speaking countries. Currently, most campaigns are in foreign languages, rather than English but it will expand with them.


Offers will reach you by email, including any new campaigns relevant to your site. We’ve been very successful at receiving offers for campaigns and booking them! The offers can range in type – some are sponsored posts that require linking out, others may ask for a promotion of their videos or posting images from their sites, and so on. You can accept or apply to those that interest you.

Added Benefits

  • Great customer service and team behind RankSeller
  • Ability to communicate with hiring company
  • Can extend publication date to 10 days


RankSeller will take 30% commission of your revenue, but you can take it into account when you’re setting up a proposed price. In comparison to other services, it’s a fair and low commission.

All payments are covered in Euros since RankSeller is based in Germany. You can request payment when you reach 25 Euros, at which point, it needs to be approved and paid out. The process can take about 3 weeks, but it’s never failed for me. They’re true to their word when it comes to payment.

Our final thoughts

RankSeller is one of my favorite services for sponsored opportunities. It’s new to the English speaking scene but it will grow – which means more opportunities for us bloggers. Once you sign up, you won’t have to do anything to keep updated but wait for campaign emails and updates to reach your inbox – it’s that easy.

Interested in making some money?
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