Hi, all! As we mentioned previously, Ave and I started a section on the site on how to make money blogging. We have been so fortunate to be able to monetize our blog and we want to share just how we do it.

Today, we introduce LinkVehicle!


LinkVehicle is split into two separate services. The first is for sponsored posts and reviews, a service that makes it easy for companies to reach out to bloggers with offers. The second part is for affiliate links and offers, working directly with merchants.


About the company

LinkVehicle is a service that connects companies, advertisers, and agencies with bloggers and publishers. I have spoken with their staff members and they are very helpful. They even featured us on their Facebook page!

Who is this open to?

LinkVehicle is open to bloggers or webmasters who have an English-language, quality website in any niche. Every website added as a ‘publisher’ is personally reviewed by the LinkVehicle staff. They have a specific set of requirements a site must pass in order to be placed in the marketplace. The requirements are not published, so I cannot list them here, however, it seems that the number of incoming links to your site is important.


Brands they work with

LinkVehicle works with a variety of brands in all types of niches. Through their service, we have worked with major companies and non-profit organizations, including Unicef. Additionally, the affiliate section of the service works with many top-notch merchants such as Fiverr, major magazine brands, and more.

Sponsored Post Offers

Offers will reach you by email, although we have had issues receiving the initial notice altogether. Reminders are set to be received every 48 hours and that is usually how we find out that we have an offer.

The offers can range in type and topic – some are sponsored posts that require linking out, some are meant to advertise a product or company, while others may ask for a different type of promotion. We have received offers from various countries, including Canada, Australia, and England.

From the moment you receive an offer, you have 14 days to publish your sponsored post. Most offers include pre-written content although you are free to write the post yourself or edit/add to what was provided. Most of the time, the content is well-written although, in our experience, they do require a personalized touch for publication.

The offer system isn’t great and I have had back-and-forth conversations with the staff regarding this issue. First of all, you are allowed to reject an offer if you are not interested. However, that rejection is counted against you, and if you reject more offers than you approved, you will no longer receive further offers.

It felt frustrating because the main reason I rejected offers was due to irrelevance (i.e. offers asking us to advertise hardware products that made no natural sense for our site), and since it was early on after our application, our rejection vs approval rating quickly became negative.  However, our personal ratio was fixed by the staff, and we are back to receiving offers.

Affiliate Offers

offercategoriesLVThere are a variety of topics and offers to work with. Anything goes here, from payments for sign-ups to services or newsletters to commissions on sales. The offers are easy to go through and understand, and they also clearly mark if they are open internationally or to a particular country.







Added Benefits

  • Great customer service and team behind LinkVehicle
  • Affiliate links & offers + sponsored social media shares + sponsored post options
  • Mostly provides pre-written content. Allows editing or writing own content.