Some of you already know that I’m a huge fan of strawberries! So when I saw that there is a Strawberry Festival coming we knew that it’s something we wanted to visit and enjoy with all the family.

The Strawberry Festival is held in Valsequillo – a small village famous for its strawberries and almond trees. Almost 95% of all strawberries cultivated in the Canary Islands come from this municipality. Thanks to the great climate, the strawberries are really juicy and sweet.

During the strawberry festival, there were a lot of activities like the strawberry market, different activities for kids, guided tours to strawberry farms, show cooking, dessert competition, live music and of course a possibility to try different strawberry dishes.

Valsequillo Strawberry Festival

As we attended the festival with my husband’s family, we left Sofia with them and we took a guided tour to a strawberry farm. The farm we visited is called “Finca La Palma” and is one of the few farms that uses integrated production.Finca La Palma

Integrated Production – is a concept of sustainable agriculture based on the use of natural resources and regulating mechanisms to replace potentially polluting inputs. The agronomic preventive measures and biological/physical/chemical methods are carefully selected  and balanced taking into account the protection of the health of both farmers and consumers and of the environment. IOBC

Basically, they use bugs that eat the pests and try to use as few chemicals as possible when growing their strawberries.

Finca La Palma Strawberry Farm

at the Strawberry Festival

What really surprised us was that the owner itself gave us the tour – explaining the ins and the outs of strawberry farming. La Palma OwnerHe also gave us a really great tip on how to keep the strawberries fresh. He told us, that it’s good to cover the strawberry box with a clean tea towel and store it in a fridge. When you want to consume some berries, just take out the quantity you want to use and do not remove the box from the fridge. The temperature changes create moisture and it’s really bad for strawberries. I have used this tip for several times now and it really works!

Meanwhile, Sofia was having fun with different activities. She created a strawberry bookmark, drove a kart, got a face painting and participated in some games.

Strawberry bookmark

face painting

Sofia Car

Sofia games

Different strawberry farmers sold their products, there were stands for mojitos, crepes and ice cream – all made with strawberries.

Fresa Market

Mojito Stand

Crepe de Fresa

We really enjoyed our day in Valsequillo’s Strawberry Festival. Sofia even asked if we can go back the next day!

And to finish, I’ll leave you with some delicious strawberry recipes!

Strawberry Tartlets #strawberry #tartlet #recipe #dessert #pastry cream

25 Scrumptious

Are you a fan of strawberries?

*Thank you, Elena, for some of the photos!